Fitness Zone has completely filtered air every 6 minutes thanks to our air exchange system.

PLUS we’ve just had a number of extra windows installed.

AND we’re air conditioned throughout.

Meaning that it’s as close to exercising outside as you can possibly get!

Perfect for keeping the air as pure and healthy as physically possible.

Sleaford’s Largest Gym – by far!

We are proud to be Sleaford’s largest gym, both in terms of class space, number of class and general gym space. However we’re still family run, and there’s almost always a member of staff on-hand to help should you need it.


Pride Parkway, East Road,
Sleaford, Lincolnshire
NG34 8GL


Monday — Thursday
7am — 9.30pm

7am – 8.30pm

Saturday — Sunday
9am — 2pm

01529 415907

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